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Doctors must counsel and inform relatives

Health and Family Welfare Department issues circular to prevent Anekal-like incident

In the wake of a father having to ride pillion on a bike with the body of his three-year-old son after being denied a hearse, Shalini Rajneesh, Principal Secretary (Health and Family Welfare), has directed all government doctors to deal with medico-legal cases in a humanitarian way.

The boy, Raheem, was knocked down by an unidentified motorist near Karpur Gate in Anekal last Sunday. His father took him to the hospital. The doctor checked the boy’s pulse and declared him dead. The man was allegedly denied a hearse to transport the body home.

In a circular issued on May 3, the Principal Secretary said it is mandatory for all doctors to respond to medico-legal cases with care and compassion. “If doctors do not adhere to the direction and if Anekal-like incidents are repeated, the jurisdictional doctor will be held responsible and disciplinary action will be initiated,” the circular stated.

According to the circular, in case of any medico-legal case, such as a hit-and-run, road accident, poisoning and snake bite, the doctor should inform and counsel the family about the condition of the victim. The doctor should then take the help of the family to inform the police.

“Treatment of the victim is of utmost priority in case the victim is alive. However, if the victim is dead, informing the police before handing over the body to the family is mandatory so that legal procedures, like post mortem and insurance claims, are carried out,” she said. ...The Hindu May 04, 2017 IST Bengaluru