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Patient’s kin clash with emergency medical officer at SN Medical College.


One shocking incident was happened on 18 April, 2018 at the emergency ward of SN Medical College, Agara. Patient and his relative clashed with Dr Saurabh Sharma emergency medical officer at SN Medical College.



A.    Brief facts of case:


B.     According to Dr Saurabh Sharma :


1.      Patient and his relatives had been trying to persuade me to issue a fake medical certificate to patient.


2.      When I refused, patient’s family members started an argument with me, abused me and manhandled with me.


C.     According to patient and relatives:


1.      When we request to Dr Saurabh Sharma to issue medical certificate to patient, doctor refuse to give.


2.      And when we trying to make video of conversation of Dr Saurabh Sharma, he started abusing and beaten us.


According to Dr Saroj Singh Principal of SN Medical College:

1.      Investigation would be conducted to find out if the patient’s kin had really been thrashed.


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